Sunday, July 27, 2008

::Futsal Friday Nite Fever!!::

~~in front of the futsal arena~~

Its already Friday, and not so many activities could be done..My classmate come to my house this sparkling evening and tell us to come to Pusat Sukan Batu Berendam tonite.We are going to have a futsal game.Eventhough Rasid (the real organizer) are involving in the yesterday’s accident,the match is still go on..BMCS’s Fabio Cannavaro (u should know him.the only one with a broken arm..hehe) are not have abilities to join us..hahaha..dont get mad Wan..

21 participants here tonite!!Wow!Quite impressive..Each rent house sent their contender.Bayan1,Bayan2,Garuda,TU and Pangsapuri.We rent the court for 1 hour and when the time is reaching to the end,some rumors ask to topup an extra 30minutes because the contender tonite are realy very in superb condition I guest..hahah..A blunder of goals create in this,the court’t net is nearly need to be replace because of the shoot power by the extremist contender..

List below is the award gave to the contender by the outsider players and Pak guard who observed this game from the start..No bias..Hardly selected guard..

1) Top Goal Scorer – Ahmad Deli,Mawi,so on
2) Fastest goal - The wiewrs thought its going to be Pok Jad
3) Clean Sheet - Black (Superbly)
4) Laziest player - But (hahahah but fortunately score twice)
(Always waiting for the ball at the opponent side)
5) Long distance Specialist – Pak Omak (can’t imagine how his look when read this quotation.)
6) Eto’o Looks like - Pak Nat
7) Defender of the Nite - Amir Zaid (sometime eager to be a striker)
8) Buldozer of the team - Ijam..huhu..
9) Manager of the nite - absolutely going to Mr Buntey
10) Cool player - Both Hapih Awang and Hapiz C Aman
11) Invisble player - Pak Kod (no need by the team ...hahah)
12) Fotographer of the nite - Of course me myself and Najmi(but I also played in this game ok…)
13) Just wanna be a part of a strong team – Dengggg (hahah)
14) Wonderkid - Farid..this is base on the pak guard observation
15) Utility player -Din Kucing..(Really???)

Hehe..any objection,please leave me a comment afterward..thanks to all the contenders..hope to get this chance again..

~~managing the team~~


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im not samuel eto'o looks like k...just play like him..but looks more to ashley cole..haha