Sunday, July 27, 2008

:: Amazing experience or horror accident!!?? ::

~~Victim's motorcycle~~

Today, a friend of mine (Wan Penang and Ramsid) met with an accident, near to their rent house. Poor to him because he was not able to attend to class and maybe a good luck for him too because the doc gave him a week holiday. But,with a broken arm, it going to be a tough life for him.Life is get not easier anymore..Hopefully his housemate will help him through this entire week. I hope so..hehe..

To Wan Penang, the Chairperson of “BMCS Fishing Club”,the title should be past to Mr Amir Zaid b Baharudin for a while. There are several activities being plan to our club member but you did not get any opportunity to join because of your injuries.”Futsal Nite Fever”,”A trip to Kg Inas,JOHOL,“Eco Challenge Endurance (Hiking) at Gunung Bujang Melaka,Perak” and ”A trip to Pulau Melaka”..hahah..It might getting worst if you join us.Forgive us if we did not able to gave you a visit last Thursday nite. We have got the punishment from your own housemate..huhu..

Since then, hopefully you will able to get use with your new life. Try to absorb any obstacle in front of your life and try to not get anyone help if you can do it by yourself..haha..Get well soon..Here I attach several pictures for you to remember them.

~~victim's helmet~~


paknat said...

after 1 weeks, the most unlucky in this incident is ADA @ ramsid's treatment at all...haha..

masning_aliang_ating_cmang_inang said...

hey dude..thats cool..awesome video..and very funny..we love that so much...more video after this ya!!!to wan png + rasid + ADA, get well soon..:)

p/s: we need MORE penang accent video..NO trganu..haha- we serious..!!