Sunday, July 27, 2008

:: Unforgettable Memories::

Lots of joy and fun and lough!!Thats what I can describe about our journey today.
From eating Durian fruit,Cath some Ikan Keli,Eating Gulai Lemak Cili Api,Motorcycle convoy to Kg Inas,Johol,a breathtaking moment at Jeram Batu 8 and not forgettable,fishing activities at one of the biggest manmade lake at Durian Tunggal. All are the great event today. The tiredness are going to be paid when we see the photos we snap.

Its funny to see my fren is looks like blur while chatting with my grandmother in “Bahasa Negeri 9”.Especially Pak Nat when he need to create a fake lough when talking to her..hehe..Dont worry Nat,next time there would be a translator that will translate each of the words to you..hehe..How about the dishes?Nice??Sorry if the dishes is not enough..huhu..

A long distance journey ended when we reach to Jeram Batu 8.A happening moment here because we absolutely have a great time here..haha..can not explain to you in a single word. go and see attached photos..

Hope to have this kind of event again. its going to be unforgettable moment in our life as a student of UTeM this year..

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paknat said...

really unforgettable how can u cheat us about that 45 minutes from here...hahaha..u said see the attached picture...where??only 1 pic on the article