Wednesday, August 6, 2008

::Ronaldo vs Fergie::

Cristiano Ronaldo is refused to went back to England to discussed with Manchester United manager,Sir alex Ferguson about his willing to join Real Madrid,according to yesterday Spanish paper.

The 23 year old Potugish wing is reportedly more happy to stay in Porugal when his agent discussed with the English club.

When been asking about the transfer rumors,Ronaldo said: "I can't said anything about that at this moment"

This is the second time for this player will not able to see Ferguson after he fail to do that in this season break.

Real Madrid's President,Ramon Calderon now in London after the preseason Cup at Emirates Stadium to look forward for further discussion with MU about Ronaldo.

"Honestly,we would be grateful to have Ronaldo in our line up,but there is several problem according to his contract with MU that need to be settle by him,not us".

Manchester United id definitely state that they will not let go thier player who have scored 42 goals last season and help the team lift up the Cahmpion League Trophy eventhough there is a rumours Real Madrid is willing to pay up to 85M to get his service.

Ronaldo is currently under contract with Mu untill 2012 after he sign a five year deal on 2007.


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