Thursday, August 7, 2008

::Olympic Beijing 2008::

Time is ticking and it's only a day before the official launching of Olympic games,the most high rate sports level in this world.China is honourablely host this grand event and they are ready to welcome the athletes all around the world to their homeground.High ang extreme engineering method is apply duirng the preparation of this Olympic game.BIRD'S NEST will officially used as the main venue during the opening ceremony after 3 years of construction process (2003-2006).

Each represented athletes in this Olympic aimed for the gold medal to be part of their medal collection.Malaysia hot gold medallist prospect are from swimming,cycling and badminton,We had a great pair in badminton.Ken Kiat and Boon Heong.This young and energetic pair should prove to Malaysian that they can give us a medal and can defeat the past winner,Razif and Jailani Sidek who win the bronze medal.

Lets pray for the best to Malaysian althetes in Beijing!!!

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