Saturday, August 9, 2008

::UTeM 4th Convocation fiest::

Hello everyone~~haloohaaa..i just came back from the UTeM convo fiest..ok la..not to the organiser..eventhough the last year perfomer is much better..huhu..Several artist perform tonite..Dina Malaysia Idol,Dejavodoo and the line up energetic deejay from FLYfm..I wonder if there is Mus May perform too..admirer his sound much!!hehe..

The most welcome deejay (i see his face familiar in UTeM Convo Fiest for 4th time) Bro Nordin kot...hehe..He ligten up the nite by dropping down all the FLYfm deejap by giving a "teka-teki".

"Ape binatang yang paling kuang hajau?"
"Ape bende yang masuk 3segi,keluar bergulung?"
"What is the most sexy animal ?"

You will get the answer and the end of this post..hehe..

The most entertaining part is absolutely the guitar art from the Dejavodoo basis.He play Mario,Lagu Penyamun, geylang paku geylang..nice and impressive effort..give him a credit..walohaa!!hehe

Photopholic time!!!hahaha

the answer for the teka-teki are:


2)Seluar dalam


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