Saturday, July 5, 2008

::Study or Working??::

hermm..thinking about myself,i am already 22 diz year..currently proceeding and strugle to finish my last year at UTeM in mechanical engineering..huh..sound great rite?but,honestly,i did not well prepared for my final year..there r going to be tough soon..wif all the PSM works,the final year project,could i manage the?hope so..
currently,my friend
undergo industrial training at Sime Darby SDN Bhd..One of the well known company in this world..waaa~~
There,i set up my ambition ..i wish i will work wif this company..Actually,i hope an
d dream that i will be the engineer of Sime Darby Sdn Bhd..In oil and gas factory..huhu..pray for me so i can get them ya..what?u looking for their website?
here they are..

so,off course i do need to finish my studies first then later we talk about my future prediction..hehe

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