Saturday, July 12, 2008

::New life begin at UTeM::

~~Place where technical careers begin~~

Being a fourth year student of UTeM was a nightmare for me.Seriously,i start my new semester with a horror day.This semester i have to take my final year project called PSM for the whole semester.Unfortunately,i did not manage to get the title for my PSM last for a week.Feel so depressed and finally Alhamdulillah and thanks to Allah because with His help,i get a project entitled
"Fabrication and Assembled of Liqufied Petroleum Gas compressor"..
Haha..even the title look scary,but i will try to make them really produce with the help from Dr Yusoff.This project deal with outsider company and i hope,i will get as much information and experience as i could untill this project is completely done.My next target is

OIL AND GAS Industry Field.
Love to be a part of them..Someone,,please hire me..hehe..

Till then,,see u later.Huhu..quite bored because the internet connection is not well equipment at my rent house..

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